A Fit For Every SAilor

Choose from 4 sizes, 8 models/trims, and 4 colors

* optional accessories will add additional assembly time

** specification provided by the manufacturer

MiniCat Guppy


MiniCat 310 Super

310 Super

MiniCat 310 Sport

310 Sport

MiniCat 420 Instinct

420 Instinct

MiniCat 420 Emotion

420 Emotion

MiniCat 420 Evoque

420 Evoque

MiniCat 420 Laura Dekker

420 Laura Dekker Ltd. Ed.

MiniCat 460 Espirit

460 Esprit

* scale is approximate

Key Differences

  • The Guppy is quick to assembly in just 15 minutes at about the same size as the 310, but has no jib sail. Also the main sail cannot be lowered while underway.
  • The 310 Sport has a jib furler but otherwise identical to the Super. The jib sail cannot be lowered while underway.
  • The Guppy, 310, and 420 Instinct do not have a boom thus can be considered safer for beginners or children from accidental gybes. However, a boom provides better sail shape for upwind performance.
  • The 420 Emotion is the lowest trim with a boom as well as thicker (stronger) mast and standing rigging to support the optional gennaker sail.
  • The 420 Evoque and Laura Dekker have higher performance sails and upgrades some aluminum and fiberglass components to carbon fiber composite.
  • The 460 Esprit offers more space for comfort, has the largest sail area and hull length for speed, but takes the longest time to assemble. With its larger sail area, higher skipper/crew weight is recommended.